Aspergillus Testing

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Clear Aspergillus

Clear, Fast, and Easy Aspergillus testing for your cannabis regulation

Aspergillus testing has become a hot topic in the Cannabis industry, with few good solutions. We at Clear Scientific have developed a robust assay utilizing qPCR that will detect the specific organisms required by states such as California, Nevada, and Alaska while drastically reducing the potential for the dreaded “false positives” from other closely related species.
Clear Aspergillus detects four species of Aspergillus; aspergillus fumigatus, aspergillus niger, aspergillus terreus and aspergillus flavus. Utilizing our many years of expertise in pathogen testing, this assay will give you accurate results within 24 hrs on a robust, repeatable, high throughput platform. You can use any Realtime PCR system with it. This brings you the additional advantage of running other analyses on the same platform, saving benchspace and increasing laboratory efficiencies.
CLEAR Sensitive and specific results you and your clients can trust
FAST Results within 24 hrs for speedy reporting and more throughput
EASY Simplified method reduces cost and the potential for lab errors
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