710 Spirits

710 Spirits is a Rocky Mountain Reagents Brand

Rocky Mountain Reagents is a small chemical company that has been in the Denver area since 1951. They have a state-of-the-art facility in Golden, Colorado, where they warehouse a great deal of high grade solvents and other laboratory chemistry. They represent one of the largest ethanol manufacturers in the country, giving us the same buying power as much larger companies. They are familiar with the extraction industry and the challenges you face when scaling up and the ever-complex regulatory environment.

710 Spirits® is a product that was designed to alleviate the burden of Federal Excise Tax from the Ethanol herbal extraction industry while using only the highest grade materials to maintain the absolute best end product. We saw a growing problem in the industry and found a solution.

Many extractors prefer to use pure ethanol for a variety of reasons including high yields, larger terpene counts, low impurities, and environmental considerations.  Pure ethanol is taxed heavily by the TTB as a byproduct of the days of prohibition.  While using pure Ethanol has been the preferred method, the tax implications greatly restrict production capabilities.

710 Spirits® is an Ethanol formulation that can be used for herbal extraction with no Federal Excise Tax, no permitting, and no additional record keeping. 710 Spirits® is a blended product made with premium food/pharmaceutical quality 200 proof ethanol that has been denatured with a small amount of a High Purity industry standard solvent.  Because the material is completely denatured, TTB regulations relating to sale and use of pure Ethanol do not apply.  710 Spirits® can therefore be purchased and used without paying Federal Excise, obtaining a permit, or additional recordkeeping requirements.

We have had several clients switch to find the same – and sometimes better – yields with very little change to procedure or process.  One of these clients will save in excess of $1 million in Federal Excise Tax in the next fiscal year alone.


The n-Heptane used in 710 Spirits® is extremely high purity with very low levels of other organic solvents, heavy metals, and impurities.  Blending this high purity n-Heptane with food/pharmaceutical grade Ethanol creates a solvent capable of producing an exceptionally clean, premium quality oil.

710 Spirits® performs much the same as pure Ethanol in cannabinoid extraction.  Several oil producers have successfully switched from pure Ethanol to 710 Spirits® with only minor modifications to processes or procedures.  Additionally, these producers have reported producing oils that have no detectable residual solvents or heavy metals.  Because Heptane has a higher boiling point than Ethanol, it may be necessary to heat the oil to a higher temperature and increase distillation times in order to completely remove the Heptane.