Clear Scientific Announces New Aspergillus Testing Product for Booming Cannabis Industry

Clear Scientific Announces New Aspergillus Testing Product for Booming Cannabis Industry

Laboratory Development and Supply Company, Clear Scientific expands their scientific cannabis product line.


SIOUX FALLS, SD – Clear Scientific, a company providing lab development, lab equipment and supplies, announces the exciting addition of a new product for aspergillus testing. The company has provided a fast and easy solution to a pertinent topic in the Cannabis industry. States such as California, Nevada, and Alaska have established safety testing guidelines requiring the detection of specific organisms for cannabis prior to use.


“Safety testing is generally regulated by federal agencies such as the FDA or USDA, which have been unable to assist local municipalities with legal marijuana protocols. Our product helps businesses comply with their states’ microbiology safety requirements specifically related to cannabis” said Scott Benson, President of Clear Scientific. Aspergillus is a type of fungal spore that is typically harmless, but can be potentially dangerous to those with compromised immune systems.  Clear Scientific has developed a robust assay utilizing qPCR that will detect specific organisms while drastically reducing the potential for registering “false positives” from other closely related species.


Their new product, called Clear Aspergillus, detects four species of Aspergillus which includes the aspergillus fumigatus, aspergillus niger, aspergillus terreus and aspergillus flavus species. The company has extensive expertise in pathogen testing and their new product provides accurate results within twenty-four hours on a robust, repeatable, high throughput platform. The Clear Aspergillus uses simplified methods to provide reliable, fast and specific results for the user. The new product is compatible with any Realtime PCR system which allows other analyses to run on the same platform, thus reducing cost and increasing laboratory efficiencies.


In addition to their new product announcement, Clear Scientific has recently revamped their website to incorporate a sleek, modern design and responsiveness for mobile phones and tablets. Their new site located at also includes a product catalog of cannabis laboratory supplies and equipment they distribute to their customers.


To learn more about Clear Scientific or their Aspergillus testing visit their website at or call their office at (888) 297-9792.



About Clear Scientific

Clear Scientific specializes in development and supplying of industrial microbiology and chemistry laboratories and food laboratories. Clear Scientific is the only company that combines lab design, development of the lab, all aspects of equipping the lab including custom equipment, providing all consumables needed to run the lab, and development of lab procedures and Quality Manual (including ISO 17025 certification) to ensure state of the art lab results. They have experience in all methodologies for food testing including BAM, EIA test kits, PCR test kits, and testing automation.