Welcome to Clear, fast and easy solutions for your microbial cannabis testing. Clear Scientific and the CLEAR MICRO suite of assays allow you to detect the most commonly required organisms quickly, affordably and easily for your technicians. Our mission is to provide you with the equipment and assays that are clear, simple and easy to use.

We are trusted by leading Cannabis Testing labs across the US.

Clear Scientific has been working with Cannabis laboratories since 2013 and fills the need of a laboratory supply vendor that provides tests and equipment specifically for the Cannabis industry.

Clear Scientific has developed robust assays utilizing qPCR that detects specific organisms required by many states, while drastically reducing potential of dreaded “false positives”.

Utilizing the latest in equipment and technological research, we’ve developed a simple three step process ending in qPCR detection.  With a single enrichment and extraction for all organisms, we provide clear, accurate, sensitive results quickly and efficiently. Let us help you with your lab development and QA program.

Questions? We’re here to help so drop us a note using the form below and we’ll get back to you. Thank you!